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Quercia Grossa

In the past, the local farmers selected vines that were particularly well-suited to the region’s specific climatic conditions, altitude and exposure of the land, and in so doing produced grapes of exceptional quality and flavour.

In 2012, my interest in this winegrowing heritage and a desire to safeguard and protect it led me to set up this small authentic firm, born out of a deep passion for my native land and roots.


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Our vineyards have their roots in marl, a sedimentary rock with distant origins both in terms of geological time and the environment in which it formed.  Marl is made up predominantly of clay, with limestone deposits known as “palombini” or “colombini” in Italian, due to their light dove-grey colour.

Situated at an altitude of over 500 metres, the vineyards are well ventilated and the temperature excursion is ideal for bringing out all the natural aroma of the grapes.



In the course of this venture, we recovered a number old vineyards scattered around Roccatederighi in various small plots on the undertaking that they would be treated like a garden, in tune with the rhythms of nature.

Production is not forced in the vineyard, and, as far as possible, we use manual working methods in order to avoid using products that may be harmful to the plants and environment.

Respect for nature and the environment requires the absence of insecticides, botritycides, weed-killers and chemical fertilizers. Treatment in the vineyards is kept to the minimum.

Our approach to


Grapes are hand-picked into small crates, so that they can be examined and sorted if necessary during the harvesting process. The grape harvest is a magical moment in which a symbiotic bond forms between man and the grapevines that have been trained and shaped by generations of loving hands.

After the grape clusters have been picked and laid carefully in small crates, they are taken to the winery: an intimate, magical place. Here they undergo a delicate vinification process; the grapes give off an intense aroma and start to macerate in small concrete vats for a period of up to forty days. Fermentation takes place naturally with the aid of the indigenous ‘wild’ yeasts present in the grapes.

Every harvest is different from the previous one, but all are made up of a combination of hard work and strong sentiments.



Achieving and preserving a harmonious balance between man, the grapevines and the surrounding countryside in keeping with the concept that “wine is made in the vineyard” is the key to creating a wine with personality: a wine produced by a local winemaker who treats the grape cluster with the utmost respect, applying a philosophy based on simplicity.

This ambitious project, with the wines it has engendered, is the result of determination, an overriding passion for the land and a love of nature and viticulture, and also thanks to the adoption of a manual, artisanal wine-making process.

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Località Quercia Grossa, 58036 Roccatederighi (GR), Italy