18,00 750 ml


IGT Red Tuscan


merlot 50% cabernet sauvignon 50%


south-south west exposure, mainly galestro


grapes are hand-harvested in the first half of October and put into small 18 kg crates; after picking they are immediately taken to the winery for processing

Sistema di allevamento

cordon-trained/spur-pruned, organic-mineral fertilisers. Copper and sulphur spraying, manual and mechanical weeding.


Immediately after harvesting, the grapes are de-stemmed and left to macerate on a layer of grape skins in small concrete tanks for periods of up to 40 days. Fermentation is started off with the aid of indigenous ‘wild’ yeasts and during this stage the grapes are pressed manually twice a day (natural ambient temperature). Once maceration is completed, the wine in each tank is ‘racked’ or drawn off separately, the grape-skins are pressed and the wine is allowed to rest for two/three nights in concrete vats before being transferred subsequently to the clay pots, where malolactic fermentation takes place and where it will be left to age for 12 months. It should be stressed that throughout the entire vinification process constant attention is paid to maintaining low levels of sulphites and that the natural properties of the grapes are fully respected both in the winery and the vineyard.


12 months in clay pots, then 6 months in the bottle

Caratteristiche organolettiche

Intense ruby red colour with elegant purple highlights. Notes of cherry and violets, correctly tannic, with persistent sensations of fruit. Well-balanced and soft on the palate. An authentic wine with a genuine age-old flavour.

Gradazione alcolica


Tipologia bottiglia

classic Bordeaux bottle

Abbinamenti gastronomici

pasta with wild game ragu, cacciatora wild boar and grilled meats. Serve at 16/18 c°


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