Our Philosophy

An Old Generation of Viticulturists

In the past, the local farmers selected vines that were particularly well-suited to the region’s specific climatic conditions, altitude and exposure of the land, and in so doing produced grapes of exceptional quality and flavour.

In 2012, my interest in this winegrowing heritage and a desire to safeguard and protect it led me to set up this small authentic firm, born out of a deep passion for my native land and roots.

A project that was a labour of love, inspired by the dream of preserving and valorising ancient vineyards and a region of outstanding beauty.

While every harvest is different from the one before, they are all a combination of hard work and strong feelings.

A journey inspired by love and the dream of preserving and enhancing ancient vineyards and an extraordinarily beautiful area.


Our Wines

Our wines


  • Faluschino

Our wines


  • Battifolle
  • Acquanera

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